My Refuge


Recently I have been doing a 30 day study of the book of Psalms, over the past few days they have been about putting our trust in God and finding refuge in Him. Then I began to ponder over the word refuge and what it means and the different types of refuge. says that the refuge means shelter or protection from danger, safety.

I know as a child we look to our parents as our refuge. When I would meet someone new I would take shelter or refuge behind my mothers leg or cling to her as she held me.

I remember at my Great Grandfathers house he had these two huge (or at least to a five year old they were huge) bushes at the end of the sidewalk. The amazing thing about the bushes was that they were shaped like a cave. You could sit in the opening and if it was raining a little you would not get wet. When David was running from Saul he went to a cave to hide. He took refuge there, the cave gave him shelter, and protected him. God wants to be our Shelter, our refuge.

He wants to be the one that we run to. Several times in the bible we will find that God is our refuge. In Psalm 57:1 I love how David refers to how he will take refuge.

Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me!
For my soul trusts in You;
And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge,
Until these calamities have passed by.

Notice that he states that his soul trusts in the Lord and that he will take refuge in the shadow of God’s wings. To me that is just a beautiful illustration. I picture it like this, I love blankets they make me feel both warm and secure. I love to take my blanket (my favorite one of course it’s the one my Aunt made for me.) and wrap up in it. While I am wrapped up it my blanket I feel secure and know that whatever is going on in my life it will be ok. That is how God wants us to feel. The best news though is that we don’t have to be going through a difficult situation to take refuge in God. God is always our protector, He is always our shelter and we can draw near to Him.

The question is why do we not take refuge in God?



8 thoughts on “My Refuge

  1. I love this. You would be so amazed by the peace we had this weekend… God is so good! Sad I missed you Sunday. love you. Anna

  2. Hi Tracy…apparently my comment got lost in cyber space LOL……I wanted to say that a GOD intervention is taking place….I met your husband on another blogger’s page where he was having a debate about GOD..Lovingly I might add :)…which led me to his blog which in turn led me to your blog…I am pleased to say I am totally enjoying the intervention….and I truly look forward to connecting with you and your husband :):):)

    • I have only recently joined the world of blogging and I must say that it is having a profound affect on me. Truthfully I love it. As my husband told you in his comment to you, I do have a heart for womens ministry, my hearts desire is to teach and encourage other women. With that said I am also looking forward to connecting with you as well. I believe that Ron gave you my email address if not let me know. Please contact me anytime.


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