Value is in the eye of beholder

What do you value? Is it your car, your job, or your possessions? Each one of us is going to find value in different things. What about your relationships, do you place a value on them? What about people that you do not know, do you find value in them? Jesus did, he found value in all of humanity, to the point that he was willing to lay down His life.
I have been thinking about the value of relationships and the importance of seeing people as worthy. You see about two weeks ago I went to a conference and it was called “The Well.” One of the topics was the story of the woman at the well. Then in a book I am reading “How to become a woman of influence” by Carol Kent, she also spoke of the woman at the well in a chapter concerning love. In her book she was talking about how showing compassion, kindness and love can make a person feel valued, and worthy. You see value is determined by the quality of time that you are willing to put into it. Jesus spent time with people, not just specific people, Jesus reached to those that many did not want to have anything to do with.

People need to feel valued. The woman at the well, in John 4:1-26 was a woman from Samaria. During this time Jews did not speak to Samarians they looked down upon them. Jesus however took the time to speak to a Samarian woman and offer her living water. He was truthful yet showed compassion, Jesus knew about her life, how many husbands she had and the fact that the one she was with was not her husband. Yet he did not condemn her, He valued her. Her life and the life of the town was changed forever. Jesus valued her, she was worth His time. This is how we should treat the people in our lives. We need to value those people in our life by showing them compassion, kindness and love.

If God can value each of us enough to send His only son then can’t we value the people He created. Who is in your life that you value? Are you showing them that you value them?

What can you do to show someone that you value them?



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