Stretching Pains and Growing Dreams Part 1

Part 1- Stretching through others

I had been doing ZUMBA over the summer and let’s just say that I found some muscles in my body that had not been used, or at least not used in a while. We would start with a song to help our bodies get going, starting out slowly, to help our muscles stretch. We had to start out slowly to give our body time to prepare to be pushed further. I think of it this way, it lets my body know some stretching is coming. During ZUMBA you have to watch the instructor in order to know what moves to do next. We would do the same songs for several weeks. During that process we begin to anticipate the next moves and then the instructor changes to more challenging songs to push us a little further. It is the same in our spiritual life. We have to be stretched in order to move forward. When God is stretching us many times he will use people to move us to the next level.

I recently read a really the book by Victoria Osteen called “Love your Life”. It is a wonderful book that give practical and realistic teaching. In her book Victoria talks about how God uses people to help stretch you. I look back now and can see where God used people in my life to help stretch me. For example, several years ago I was asked to speak at a women’s retreat. I was very excited about speaking but I was also nervous. This was my first time speaking in this type of setting. The topic that I would be speaking on was, see yourself as God sees you. This was an area that was new to me, I had just recently beginning the same journey that I would be speaking about. One day I was speaking to a friend, she had taught on the same topic, I had shared with her that I was scared about speaking. I was not scared about speaking, I was scared that I was ready to speak on this topic. My friend then looked and told me I was more than ready. Then she told me that through my studying God was going to stretch me and that it just may be a little uncomfortable. WOW, boy was she right. I was stretched the more I prayed and studied the more I was stretched. It was an awesome experience, and made me even more confident of my identity in Christ.

Being stretched does not just happen, you also have to be willing to be stretched. In the above story, I was ready to be stretched. God will never stretch you any further than you are able to handle. Have you ever seen a beginning runner run in a marathon or course not, you have to work your way up to the marathon. Are there people in your life who are stretching you? Are you willing to be stretched? If not then why? If you are willing to be stretched spiritually then you will grow spiritually.

Spiritual Stretching = Spiritual Growth

Question: How are you currently being stretched? I would love to hear your comments.

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