Stretching Pains and Growing dreams Part 2

Part 2- Stretching through difficult situations

Sometimes being stretched will come in a difficult situation and may make you feel uncomfortable. I look at it this way, there are some pantyhose that are suppose to well, suck you in all over. You know the ones that you have to pull, tug, jump and even resort to laying on the bed to get them on. In my house when I put them on my husband always says “baby where did you go” as if they have made me the size that I want to be. I know right. Truth is sometimes in life we are deceived and believe a lie that everything is going great and we can handle our world ourselves. Then we come crashing down and find ourselves in a situations and sometimes we are not sure exactly how we got there. I have been experienced this myself, being struck down to the very core.

There was a time not long ago that I went through a season, that honestly was the most difficult time in my life. I thank God that He blessed me with a wonderful family who stood beside me. Let me explain, I thought I had it made. I had a good job, I had been there for 4 years, had advanced to become supervisor, and every year my reviews were good with pay increases. I had people whom I considered good friends. Then the bottom fell out. In January of that year I was promoted to be a supervisor, I was working anywhere from 50 to 60 hours a week. I worked at home almost every night. In fact I was so dedicated that even when we went on vacation I took work with me and did it in the car. I look back now and I see so many warnings that God gave me. Then I started having some heath problems, I was in a lot of pain, I was not sleeping (my dreams were awful). I had to go on medicine that did not react very well with me. To be honest at this point I did not know weather to laugh or to cry, I can tell you what I did not do, I did not cry out to Jesus. At this point I did not see that I had all my priorities wrong. Most of what happened next was my fault, I did not ask for help when I needed it. I was drowning at work, I thought I could do it all and looking back I see that it was impossible. I then made an error, I messed up in a situation and instead of writing me up, I was let go. I had never lost a job like that before. I was mad, hurt, humiliated and at first blamed my boss and others. Truth be told it was me. My husband was on staff at our church, I started volunteering there during the day. I began seeking God’s face and crying out to Him.

You see I found my self in a position where God was the only one who could restore me, and he did. Then the stretching began, God tenderly began bringing me back to a place of healing. First God started by taking me down a path of restoring the priorities that He wanted in place instead of my own. Then God gave me a job, where I had an hour for lunch and everyday I spent time with Him, and I started journaling and studying His word. Through this time God revealed to me that I had a Martha work mentality instead of a Mary seeking and desiring Jesus mentality, (Luke 10: 38-41). I had put work before family, work before church, I had even put work before my health and the well being of myself. Others could see it but I did not want too. Only after God started to show me how far I was stretching away from his plan instead of grow through the stretching of the Masters hands.

The point I am making is you don’t stop when you find yourself in a difficult situation. You have to keep moving forward. It was not easy but it was so worth it. My stretching was not over night, in fact it was a good year before I started to see His molding and making and stretching in the proper direction of His desire and not mine.

I am out of that pit that I had fallen into, God lifted me up even when I felt that I did not deserve it. I have often wondered and marveled when I encounter others at how God was stretching them right in front of my eyes. It was true revelation that He is always working on us, in us and through us. Just like those pantyhose, true they can help bind up and squish in and hide area’s of our lives that we do not want others to see but let those pantyhose get a snag or a run in them and watch out stuff may fly everywhere. You need to deal with the things you are going through before it get to the point that the pantyhose wear out. So in closing, how are your pantyhose holding up?

Spiritual Stretching = Spiritual Growth


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