Hello old friend

Last week my son and I decided that Saturday we would tackle his room, cleaning it, and go through everything. We started going through clothes in his dresser then moved to his closest. In his closet we found and went through his memory boxes. It was so amazing to see his face and remember all the items in the boxes. You see my son turns 17 next week, so it was a wonderful walk down his memories.

I then found another box in his closet that I did not remember what was in the box. When I opened it I found 2 dolls that my mom had given me when I was younger, I also found several of my old baby dresses from when I was a baby. Then I found my Honey Bunny. This was a stuffed bunny that was given to me when I was around 9. When I first saw my bunny I said “hello old friend” because that is just what that bunny was, he was my security during a tough time in my life. As I sat there with the bunny, I remembered when I was given honey bunny.

Honey Bunny was given to me by one of the first men my mother dated after my parents divorced. His name was Duncan. He was so nice and knew that I was having a difficult time with the divorce, going to a new school. Right after school was out I was going to Girl Scout camp and at that time was really shy. He went with my mom to take me. I remember him giving me honey bunny and telling me that the bunny would be there for me. I know that sounds silly, but to a 9 year old dealing with some security issues and whose parents were now divorced it meant the world.

Honey Bunny has been with me for a very long time in fact that bunny went to Girl Scout camp for several years, I developed a seizure disorder and the bunny was there when I would come out of the seizure. My mom would make sure that honey bunny was in my arms. I also had to wear a back brace in middle school and the bunny was there as I cried when people would make fun of me. Then bunny also went to college. When I was pregnant I also used the bunny as my focal point when I was in labor. Then the bunny was the first stuffed animal that I put in my baby boys bassinet in the hospital. I wanted the bunny that had been with me to be with him. Now you can understand why I said before that honey bunny was my security.

As I sat there thinking of all these memories with my old friend. I started thinking about my spiritual life. Jesus is the true security that we need. In fact, when Jesus came into my life He became the best security that I will ever need. He is my all in all. He took an insecure young woman and changed her life. Where I was insecure Jesus gave me security. Where I felt unworthy, Jesus said that I am worthy. Jesus has taught me and is continuing to teach me and show me who I am in Christ. Honey bunny fulfilled a big need in my life during that time. True, I still have honey bunny and I still smile when I see him but Jesus has become all the security that I need.

Are you still holding on to superficial security or is Jesus your security?


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