Choices are just a part of life

Choices, choices, choices…….

We make choices every single day; good ones, bad ones but none the less we make them. They are part of life. The choices that we make can be in obedience or disobedience to both God and to man. There are people who make choices very easily and others who have a difficult time. Our choices affect our life, some in small ways, some in major ways and some even affect others. A few years ago I had a job that I thought was a really good job. I had a lot of responsibility and to be honest I really thought that my career was going great. I was working hard and striving to succeed. The problem came in when I started to put my job over my family. The truth is there were even times when my family would go on vacation or go see family and I would take work with me. You have to understand I did not have to take work with me, I choose to take it with me. This choice pulled me away from my family. I was with them in the same room but I was busy working, when I could have been spending time with them. Now I look back and I can not reclaim that time. Fortunately, I did not loose my family and they forgave me, and truly now my family is even stronger and closer. Now, I do still work however I take time off, and I do not bring work home. I made the choice to allow God to change me. Our choices are important and should be God lead not just based on what we want. If I had made the choice keep God first in my life during that time I might not have gone down that path.

Another decision we have to make is to take ownership of the choices that we make. In the above story, when everything started going downhill I actually tried blaming all those around me when truthfully and ultimately it was my choice.

Some of the choices that we make:We choose to accept Jesus.

We choose to walk confidently in who you are in Christ.

We choose to be humble.

We choose our friends.

We choose to be offended.

We  choose to be controlled, we choose to control.

We choose to have a positive attitude.

We choose to have a good day or a bad day.

Do you see a pattern? Choices are ours and no one else’s. So to blame someone else for the choices that you make is a sin. Our choices can cause us great joy or disappointment, but the choices that we make are ours. Some choices can cause both pain and joy. Some of the more difficult choices can be painful to make and to walk out, however the end result can bring us great joy and peace.

Here is the truth of the matter, if we want our choices to reflect God’s then we need to be praying His will and acting upon His will in our life. God’s will if for us to be producing good fruit which means to make good choices that will bring about the fruit of the spirit.

So my questions to you are: What choices are you going to make today? Who are you going to depend on to make those choices God or yourself?

I would love to hear your responses.


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