Just being real. Lets face it this happens to us all.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted everyone to just leave you alone. Well, that was today for me. I have been sick for the past two days, in fact today was my first day back to work. Now let me just say, even though I went back to work I was not feeling my normal self. Now work was fine, my husband even called me and told me he was taking care of dinner. My first thought YEA now I can go home take my shower, and write and post a blog. In fact I was really excited.

Let me be honest when I am not feeling up to myself like most people small things can frustrate me that normally would not bother me at all. So, I got home took my shower, sat down at the computer and played some on Facebook. My husband then told me about a new site which I liked and wanted to start an account (which took longer than I thought it would). This was the first distraction and the beginning of my frustration. I had asked my husband for some help (prior to reading any of the instructions) this caused him to get upset with me, which caused me to get upset with him. He felt I should have just read the instructions prior to asking him for help, and he was right. Now instead of saying sorry and reading I got yea you guessed it frustrated.

Now, honestly I do not like being frustrated, and upset with anyone especially my husband. What is really aggravating, when you get frustrated the enemy has a foot hold to come in and cause discord or strife within your family. Tonight that is just what happened. Fortunately, my husband and myself took time to talked about the situation (for longer than I thought) and worked through the issue. The enemy loves to find a way in a situation, we just do not need to allow him to stay and take up residence.

Question: Have you been frustrated lately?


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