Seasons come and seasons go


Seasons come and seasons go

As we approach summer and leave spring, I seem to be thinking about the seasons in the life of my family. In my reflections I have thought about things that I regret and other things that continue to bring me joy. Our different seasons in life are important, each one of them, and though reflection is good it is also important to look forward. Have you ever had a season that you thought was going to go one direction and ended up in another? Have you had a season you thought was going to be an easy path that ended up very difficult?

When I was in college, I really thought I had my life figured out, I wanted to be a teacher of history, it was an exciting time. Then my mom decided to move to Florida, we were living in Alabama at the time. I decided without much thought and with no zero prayer to move with her. I pulled out of the college that I was in and was going to finish at another school in Florida. Needless to say for whatever reason I did not finish school. I did meet my future husband and found myself and some independence. I thought I had this season all figured out, I was going in the direction I wanted to go. As I reflect back on that season I do not regret the move to Florida, I only regret that I did not finish college. Now, I know that is still possible and want to go back school. I look back and during that time in college I knew what I wanted but I was not really committed to the plan. Some seasons in our life change not because it is time for them to change but because we change them. You see I believe that even if I had choose to stay in college that I would have met my husband, it may have been in a different way, but I would have met him. When I met him I started a new season.

When you are married and have a family you not only have seasons in your personal life but also in your family as a whole. Our family has been praying about this new season for a few months. In fact one Sunday my son came home from church and said that he felt that God was telling him that our families due season was coming. We talked as a family and then began praying for that due season. My family is now entering into that new season. It is both exciting and a little scary as we are uncertain about some things and having to make those steps of faith. Here are some of the wonderful areas of change: my husband, as I have stated in previous blogs has been working a part-time job. Well, recently he was hired for a full time position that he really enjoys. My son is in a very exciting place, he is now a senior in high school. He will be making important decisions concerning the next season in his life. Personally, I find myself both excited and sad for him at the same time. You see when I look at him I see a young man where my little boy use to stand. Where he use to need my help he can now do independently. As for myself I have been in some what of a dry season with my writing and teaching. I believe it has been due to resolving some things within me. I believe I am stepping into a new season with my writing and in ministry and I am very excited.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 King Solomon speaks of seasons he states:

To everything there is a season, a time for ever purpose under heaven:

He then lists out all the things there is a season for, see Ecclesiastes 3: 2-8

Like I said before seasons come and seasons go reflection on the past can be a very good for each of us so that we can learn. We also need to look forward to the new seasons that are coming. Praying to the Father about our dreams, concerns, and desires of our heart.

So, here is my question for you what season are you in, and remember if you are in a difficult season that season will pass. A new season is just around the bend.


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