Memorial Day is not just another day off

Today is a holiday and therefore we usually do the following activities: picnics, beach, parks, and spending time with family and friends. There will be grills with all sorts of things being cooked from BBQ, hamburgers, steaks and maybe seafood. Some will eat watermelon while other will go straight for the desserts. Games will be played both in and out of the water. Some people will stay home and have people over while others will go to the places I have mentioned. What is today really about, is it just another holiday or is there a deeper meaning? I feel that it does have a deeper meaning.

 I was talking to my husband the other day concerning how the church does not seem to honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces. I remember not so long ago that on the Sunday before Memorial that churches had a time to recognize those that had fallen while serving there country. Many would even ask those to stand who have served or who are serving. Where has that gone? When my husband and I gave our life to the Lord we lived in a military town because my husband was in the military. The church that we attended always honored those who were serving, those who had served, and those who had fallen. There may not have been a big production but there was acknowledgement. Yesterday at church the only thing that said was that it was Memorial Day. There was no acknowledgement of those who have served, are serving or for those who have fallen. This was heartbreaking to me.

My son went to France a couple years ago; while there he went to the WWII memorial at Normandy. They did not get to go on the beaches but they did get to see the graves of those who had fallen. When I asked him about it he told me that it was very sobering to see all the graves of those who gave there life. I have seen my son look at a serviceman and tell him thank you for serving. Seeing the graves of the servicemen and the beaches of Normandy had such an impact on him that he wrote a poem you can read it here

Question: When was the last time that you told a serviceman or woman thank you for serving? When was the last time that you thought about those who have served and gave there life so you would not have to?

Memorial Day is not just another holiday day to be off from work, it is not just a time for picnics, pool parties and playing in the park. Memorial Day is also to remember those who served with there lives. To remember there are families who have lost loved ones because they gave there life serving there country. Take a moment today to pray for those who have served, died while serving and those who are serving. You may be asking why is this important to me, my husband served in the armed forces. We have known many who have served and we have known several who gave there life. I have had to look in the eyes of spouses who have lost there husband. I have been that woman who has prayed for my husbands safety and the safety of the crew that he was with. I have been the step-daughter who has prayed for my fathers safety while he served his country. I have been there to encourage my mom and friends when there husbands have had to leave for months or sometimes longer. Why does it mean so much because the men and women who have served, those who are serving and those who gave there lives are important.


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