Memories of the 4th of July

After my parents divorced my mother and I began visiting my Grandparents who lived in Florida a lot more. I do not know why but for some reason I do not have memories of visiting them before the divorce. I do know there was at least one but only because I have a picture, I think we went to Disney but I am not sure. Anyway back to the original thought, during the summer we usually visited around the 4th of July and we would stay either a week or sometimes 2 weeks.  Usually the 4th consisted of picking up chicken from KFC, packing up chairs and other things to go to the beach. After a day at the beach we would go back to the house to change cloths. Then we would go out on the boat and watch the fireworks. If we did not go out on a boat then we would go downtown to stand by the water to watch the fireworks. After I grew up and married the 4th of July celebration changed.

After I was married many of our 4th of July celebrations consisted of hanging out with friends. During this time Ron was in the military, so therefore many of our friends were also in the military. We usually cooked out, watched movies and yes fireworks were involved.

Once our son was born, Ron and I started going to church and soon came to a saving knowledge of Christ. The church we were members of was a very patriotic church. In fact many of the members were in the military or had served in the military. On holidays like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day our church recognized those who were serving in the military, those who had served and those who lost their lives. The 4th of July celebration included songs, recognizing the servicemen and women, the sermon and then we would have lunch at the church. It was always a fun day.  To be honest I miss those days.

I have a few suggestions for today:

  1. Remember that no matter whatever you are doing today make memories.
  2. Pray for our country.
  3. Pray for our servicemen and women, for their safety and for their families.
  4. If you know a serviceman or woman or you happen to meet one tell

them thank you for keeping the country that you live in free.





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