Pictures of Worship Part Two

Psalms 66:1-4

1 Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
2sing the glory of his name;
give to him glorious praise!
3Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!
So great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you.
4 All the earth worships you
and sings praises to you;
they sing praises to your name.”


In part one of “Pictures of Worship” I wrote about the first two pictures of worship that God showed me and how it affected me. In this blog I will tell you about three more pictures.

My third picture- The third picture that God showed me was with the musicians of the worship team. Since I have sang on worship teams and in choirs I can’t help but be drawn to the singers, and musicians. I was very fortunate of having a wonderful Minister of music not long after I was saved. He encouraged us to know our music inside and out so that when we sang the song or the musicians played we could truly worship.  When I visit a church one of the first things I always watch is how the entire worship team worships. Doing this draws me into worship. One of my favorite musicians to watch is the drummers. I have had the privilege of watching several talented drummers. One that I watched when he played it was as if he was a warrior in prayer against the enemy. It was amazing to watch. He showed so much passion and desire. I have also had the pleasure of watching another drummer today and when he played every beat of the drum was filled with such a passion. He looked as if he was playing for no one else other than Jesus. There again was a desire that came forth; his worship seemed so pure and honest. He played with an intensity that was contagious.

My fourth picture- Children can be uninhabited whereas when we grow into adults we tend to be more inhabited. Children will sing, dance, clap and even jump they are free. Where adults we tend to be closed, or are concerned with what others think. In the church that we attend the children generally sit on the front row during worship then they are excused to go to children’s church.  One Sunday I was again up in the balcony and when I looked down I witnessed children inviting other children to join them in worship. Let me explain when the music began several of the children began to dance and clap their hands to the music. Then as the song progressed the children who had already engaged in worship began encouraging the other children to join in. They just seemed so willing to worship and they were having fun. It is my opinion that the children have it right worship should be not only spiritual but also exciting and fun.

My fifth picture- I have a friend of mine who signs, which in my opinion is a beautiful form of language. Anyway, she has an awesome gift of worship through signing. I can still remember the first time I saw her; we were sitting in church worshiping in song. All of a sudden she left her seat and began signing, but not just using her hands she used her whole body. It was as if every part of her body, mind and spirit was involved. She was beautiful; the movements with her hands, and arms flowed like the clouds flow across the sky. One thing I found so amazing was that I did not need the words to know what she was saying. Her movements literally showed her love of Jesus, her desire to praise her savior and her obedience. You may wonder why I said obedience; you see she was not scheduled to sign that song. She told me later that she felt God wanted her to do it, so she did. It was amazing. I have had the pleasure of seeing her sign on many occasions and I can honestly say that each time is filled with just as much passion, and is just as beautiful as the first time that I saw her. It was an awesome picture of worship.

In writing these blogs I began to think if I enjoyed watching these pictures of worship God must have been ecstatic watching His children.  Each one was an amazing experience that I pray I will never forget. Here’s the thing we cannot just see and watch worship we need to engage in worship. Clap your hands, raise your hands, or dance but engage in worship at your local church. You need to go to God with an expectation during corporate worship. I encourage each of you to seize each moment of worship and to worship uninhibited.








One thought on “Pictures of Worship Part Two

  1. My comment is “Amen” to it all. Worship is such a wonderful opportunity to commune with God and for him to commune with us in a personal way. His love for us us unmeasureable, and he shows it in so many ways. He is not afraid of what people think when he is communing with us and blessing us. You know that picture’s of worship is all around us we just have to be watchful.

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