The Season of Change

Ecclesiastes 3:1

1For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

I have always enjoyed the beginning of school it’s a new season. I don’t know if is the fact that fall is one of my favorite times of year or if it is because it is the beginning of something new. Even when I was little and in school myself I enjoyed the last few weeks of summer when you would go school shopping. We would go and buy new notebooks, pens, pencils and all the essentials for school. I also enjoy buying some of those same things for my son and even helping him get them set up. (He can do this his self but he allows mom to help.)

This year is my son’s senior year in high school. In many aspects it is the end of one season of his life and the beginning the next. I remember several years ago taking him the first day of Kindergarten, he was excited and I wanted to stay with him all day but could not. When I left him I cried all the way to work that day. I look at him today and thank God for the young man that stands in front of me. I must admit that I am excited it is his senior year and sad. I am excited about his future and sad because he will be leaving the nest. I see that preparation in many of the things that he is currently doing.  He is looking at colleges, ACT testing, and looking at different scholarship opportunities. He also has a plan to finish strong his last year. I have come to realize that as hard as it is I have to let go, help him where needed but allow him to prepare to fly. He is beginning the first steps in a new season of life.

I have also come to realize that for myself I am beginning a season of my life. There are things that God has called me to do and it is time to get started.  My husband and I are currently helping with a new church plant, which we are very excited about. I have been writing and will continue to work on those projects that God has called me to do.

Consider some questions:

  1. What has God called you to do? Are you doing it?
  2. If you have taken some time off this summer, are you ready to get started again?
  3. What season are you in? Are you beginning a new season or are you in the middle of a season?

Remember seasons come and seasons go, we need to learn from our past seasons and do our best in the seasons we are currently in and those to come. We also need to treasure the seasons we are in and look forward with anticipation to those seasons to come.


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