A Change of Plans

My mom, grandma, and I have had plans for this weekend for around two months. The three of us were going to Louisiana for a family reunion. In fact the men were staying home, Ron had to work some concerts down at Orange Beach, my son was going to stay home and just relax and study for the ACT, my step-dad was going to hang out with his son, and daughter. So you see everyone had plans and all were happy.

Then Tropical storm Lee decided to bring us lots, and lots of rain. So, the reunion and the concerts were canceled. As for me and my boys we stayed home watched movies, and took a nap. I then made a pot of chili and we spent the rest of the evening together.

In our lives plans are made on a regular basis but sometimes things happen and plans must change.  That is what happened this weekend, we had plans but the plans had to change.

What plans have you made that have started out in one direction that had to be changed?


One thought on “A Change of Plans

  1. Ha…..that’s a loaded question. So grateful to know today that when my scheduled plans change….I can roll with it. I can make my plans, organize and schedule things but the final results are up to God. Covenant relationsip with Him takes all the worry about the outcome or results out of the equation. It’s up to Him not me. How beautiful is that?

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