I Remember

September 10, 2001 America went through there day and slept through the night without knowing that the next day our country would never be the same. No one suspected that thousands would lose their lives the next day. We slept that night but the morning did come and our country changed. September 11, 2001 would become a day that history would remember.

There are not a lot of historical days that I remember with an emotional attachment. When I was little I remember my Mom telling that there where days in her life that she could remember distinctly. She could remember where she was and what she was doing the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the day Martin Luther King was assassinated, and the day Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. I don’t remember those days; I have only been told what my Mom told me and what I learned in school. I do however remember very clearly the day that terrorist attacked our country on September 11, 2001.

My family and I were living in Graceville, Florida. Ron was in school and my son was attending the local elementary school. I was working at the clinic in the local hospital. It was a beautiful September morning it was not hot or cold. I had gotten my son ready for school, Ron was in class and I was at work sitting at my desk. The clinic was not busy that day, so I had planned on catching up on some filing. Dr. Cortes was in his office down the hall, it was a pretty normal day. All of a sudden Dr. Cortes yells for me down the hall way, I got up and run to his office thinking something was wrong with him. I got there in time to see the news showing the plane crash into the Twin Towers. I remember the two of us standing there without speaking, not knowing what to say. As the news started coming in we continued to stand there watching the television I turned to Dr. Cortes and realized that both of us were standing there with tears in our eyes. We watched for the rest of the day my heart hurt for all those who died. That night all I wanted to do was hold my child and let my husband hold me. For the next few days I could not help but think about were the next attack was going to be. My country had changed. I had never experienced an attack on our soil.

In light of what happened on September 11 I began wondering if my husband would be called back to the military. You see Ron got out of the military in June of 1999, but could be recalled. He was not recalled however over the next several months my husband and I had friends who would going overseas to fight. Then my step-dad was activated into active service, he was gone for about a year. The day he left I cried and prayed for his safety. I thank God that he did return home safely as well as many of our friends.

It is true our country was forever changed ten years ago. There were many families that lost loved ones that day. Some due to the attacks, others gave their life trying to save people. Do you remember? When was the last time that you thought about those who gave their life on 9/11? When was the last time you thought about those who have lost their life in the days, weeks and years after 9/11?

As for me I do remember and I pray that those families will be comforted today.


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