The Wrap Up

Before I can truly begin telling you about my journey through this senior year I have to give you a wrap up of Stefan’s junior year.

Last year ended with a bang. Stefan was excited he was heading into summer and then his senior year in high school.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Coach D. asked him to continue filming the football team, but with a change this year he will be leading the film crew.

Now, Stefan has been filming for 2 years so as you can imagine he was excited about leading the crew.

  1. It was decided that Stefan would sign up for the trip to France.

This will not be his first trip to France; he went his spring break of his sophomore year. That trip was an adventure (I will do a post on that trip it involved volcanoes.).

  1. Stefan turned in his application for robotics (the school has a team that designs and builds a robot that competes in a competition. More on this subject to come.). He found out a week later that he made the team for the fourth year. There are only two on the team that have been on the team since they were freshmen.       
  2. Tests were taken, and the grades were entered.  Drum roll please- ALL A’s and B’s.


  • Our family took a trip to Townsend, TN which was so very amazing. Stefan went up early with his grandparents and was able to spend some real quality time with them. Ron and I, my brother and nephews joined them later that week. On our way home we stopped and ate at a dinner in Chattanooga, TN that had the most amazing desserts. In fact we talk about those desserts to this day. We talked, and laughed all the way home, it was great. 
  • Stefan was asked to work at the EYE camp which stands for Engaging Youth in Engineering. This was the Stefan’s second year to volunteer in this camp. Stefan is taking engineering courses in school, and he has decided that Mechanical engineer. Therefore it is so wonderful as a mother to see him already giving back to younger students in the area that he is going into.
  • Concerts: My husband and son were able to attend some amazing concerts. Music has always been huge in my life. My mom raised me to appreciate all types of music from different genres and that is how I have raised Stefan. We had the opportunity to go see Heart and Def Leppard, and Styx. It was so awesome introducing my son to music I loved and enjoyed. He loved seeing Def Leppard’s one arm drummer and the songs. Then there is Styx, several of those songs are now some of his favorites. I have to admit I loved the concerts sharing them with him was great.

So there you have it the wrap up from the junior year and the summer.  Now we will get started on the senior.


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