A Picture is worth a thousand words

A Mothers Heart: Part 3

There first picture after they are born.

First baby step

First Birthday

First day of school

First school picture

There are many times in the life of our children that we as parents have camera in hand ready to capture those wonderful moments.

I had one of those moments this summer. It was mid-July and the photographer that does the year book pictures for Stefan’s high school. It was time for senior yearbook pictures to be done. I made his appointment, he went down and within 15 minutes he was done.

Weeks went by and then…….

Ron came home from work and brought the mail in and you guessed it the proofs. I was so excited and could not wait to open and see my son in his tux.

I opened the envelope pulled out the pictures and that is when the tears welled up in my eyes. I turned to my husband and put my head to his chest. It was at that point that I knew this was the first of many tears that I would shed throughout the year.

Stefan was great he came over to me hugged me and held me in his arms while tears streamed down my face.

Later that night both my husband and son did get a laugh at the fact that I got so emotional concerning over pictures.

Moms, take those pictures of all those firsts, treasure your babes and take in every moment. Time goes quickly.

Note: I wish I could share the pictures but because we only have proofs right now I can’t put them up.


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