Homecoming Dance…… A Mother’s Heart Part V

Before I really get into this event I need to give you some back ground information. Stefan is not one who goes to dances in fact he went to the homecoming dance his freshman year and the past two years decided not to go. My husband and I talked with him over the summer and told him that we really wanted him to go to both homecoming and prom his senior year. Our thought behind this request was him experiencing everything possible his senior year.

So here we go………..

It was a month out and we were all sitting around talking, Stefan had just found out the date for homecoming. Being the mother that I am, I asked him who he was going to ask to homecoming since he was not dating anyone at the time. He said that he had not decided who to ask but he wants to go with someone just as friends. Ron and I thought that was a good idea, considering we know most of his friends.

The girl is chosen……….

Stefan decided to a friend of his who is a junior, they have been on the Robotics team together for 3 years and they are friends. So one Saturday she shows me, Stefan and Ron her dress it is a beautiful blue.

Shopping with Dad………..

The boys (meaning the husband and son) went shopping to buy a new suit and tie for the dance. When they got home and showed me I have to admit tears welled up in my eyes.

So the day of the dance……..

Now, I have to admit the day of the dance was a very interesting day. Stefan went to robotics that morning. He came home decided to take a nap and at 3pm he says “Mom I want to get her a flower for her wrist.” Ok, so please tell me that I am not the only mother whose child waits till the last minute. Well, since we had to go pick up the truck (Stefan was going to use the truck that night) from Ron’s work we decided to see about finding a flower. We get about 2 ½ miles and the car started smoking, we added water but it just was working. We finally made it to get the truck, and then it was off to find the flower. 3 stores later we finally found it. Thank you Lord.

Time to get ready………

I did get to laugh. You see Ron my husband had to work that night so he could not help Stefan with his tie. How do you learn how to tie a tie when your dad can’t show you, easy you find it on you tube and watch over and over and over till you finally get it right. I have to admit I wish that I had a picture to show you it was so funny watching my 6’5 son leaning over trying to tie that tie. Now, when Stefan walked out all dressed up my first thought was where is the little boy in the man that is standing in front of me. He looked so grown up.

Time to leave……….

I walked my son out to the truck and took one final picture; he climbed in and went to pick up his date. When I turned to go back up the stairs I began to cry. Tears just streamed down my face. All I could think about was how much my little boy had grown up. When he went to the dance as a freshman I drove him this time he drove himself.

Moms treasure each moment with your babes because one day they are dancing with you and the next they are dancing with someone else.

Here is a picture of Stefan and his date…. (She gave me permission to post the picture.)

Are they not so very cute.

Oh by the way here is what happens when you get students together and some of them like engineering.

They build with whatever they can find or recycle.


5 thoughts on “Homecoming Dance…… A Mother’s Heart Part V

  1. It’s so cool how lives can now be chronicled in this fashion. I wonder if when he gets into his twenties he’ll look back at this like a scrapbook about his teenage years. Pretty great scrapbook :).

    • Shelby,

      One thing that I have come to realize is that all those times we say things like “I can’t wait till they start walking” or “I can’t wait till they start school” we have no idea how fast the time goes. It seems like yesterday when God gave me my wonderful son and I was a scared mom learning how to take care of a baby.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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