A Christmas Thought

I was watching the movie “Elf” the other night. I love to watch all the different holiday shows. Anyway there is a line in the movie that “Buddy the elf” says ” The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. It is one of my favorite lines in the show.

Well, last night my husband and I went ot Sams to pick up a few things and as we left I became sad. I realized that in that store I did not see many people smile or even say Merry Christmas. I then thought about that line and I really wanted to go back in and just sing as lound as I could “We wish you a Merry Christmas” just to see what would happen, but we were already outside.

The next store we went into I smile at every person I came into contact with and as I was checking out I said Merry Christmas to gentleman checking us out. He said it back and smiled.

So my thought is this when you are out and about this time of the year take the time to smile and spread some Christmas cheer. You don’t have to sing it you can just say it with a kind word or a smile.

Merry Christmas.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Thought

  1. I’ve often wanted to stand in the middle of the store singing praises to God for all to hear, but my self-consciousness won’t allow it. Thankfully, I have two young kids who have no self-consciousness, so they sing out loud wherever we are! Nothing like “Jesus Loves Me” or “Away in the Manger” in the middle of Walmart!

    Stopping by to say Merry Christmas!
    Ashley Pichea

  2. Good for you, Tracy. I find the same look on most people’s faces at our local WalMart. Where did the Christmas cheer go? I kind of gave up awhile back smiling at everyone I made eye contact with when I go in there, just because nobody would actually smile back. But I think for the next few days, I’ll say Merry Christmas to anyone I walk by, along with a smile. It surely can’t hurt! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you!!!

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