The world of Robotics (A Mothers Heat Part VI)

My son has been involved in the robotics program at Davidson High School for four years. It has been an interesting experience. First off I never knew that it was such an interesting competition. They create a company, market a robot that is designed to perform specific tasks; they design, create and build the robot.

Now, this year of course was special because it was the last year. You see my husband and I have helped in different ways throughout the past four years. Honestly I have considered these wonderful kids my children. We even joke about how during robotics I have around forty plus children.  This year there were a total of eight seniors on the team, for these eight they all wanted to end with a bang. In the four years that we have been involved with robotics these eight have experienced placing in the top three at both the local and regional level, but never a first place at both.

This year my husband and I had decided that we were going to be at both competitions to support our son and the team.

The Local Competition:

The team was so excited. They did such a wonderful and swept the competitions with an overall First place and first place in “Spirit and sportsmanship” which I might add they have never won. Now, spirit and sportsmanship was an award that my son really wanted the team to win and he was so very excited. As for me, I was so very proud of each of them.

After, the local win the team had just a few weeks to get ready for the regional level. Our team would work hard to prepare. After winning first place at the local level they wanted to do the same thing at the regional level.  So they prepare for Auburn.

The Regional Competition:

We traveled to Auburn University. The team set up the display and prepared. The competition was stiff and at the end of the day none of us were sure where our team would place. As the awards were called out we won several but it seemed as no one team was scoring in across the board in the different categories. So, it came down to the top award, the overall award. They called out the third place, then second place and our name was not called. Our team thought they did not place. Then the announcer called out Davidson High School as the “First place” winner. My kids did it for the first time for these wonderful seniors they brought home the first place trophy from local and regional robotics competition. They were so very excited.

I loved seeing my son’s face after four years the team ended on top. It was great.

As a mother there were times during these past four years that issues came up and to be honest I wanted to just jump in and fix the problem or issue. Now, mind you when it came to issues of design or math there was nothing I could do. As mother’s we all want to protect, defend and do something when there is an issue, truth is as difficult as it is we must allow our children to experience the difficult. Over these past four years I have had to allow him to experience defeat, and even experience failure not because I wanted to but because it would help him to grow. On the upside because both my husband and I were involved we were able to see him grow and experience victory. He and his other teammates experienced what teamwork, and hardwork can accomplish.



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