Change can be a good thing

I stopped writing several months ago due to a situation in my life. I could not write, in fact I did not journal and I have been journaled for years.

Through the last 6 months God has done an amazing work in my life. He has changed me, healed me and carried me through a very difficult and life altering situation. (more on that to come)

There have been a lot of changes in me, some of the best changes in my life. They have also been some of the hardest changes in my life, but change is a good thing when that change is done by God. In fact sometimes the hardest changes that we go through end up giving us the things in life that God wants us to have.

I am writing again, it is a process and I will be posting more to this blog site and will also be updating this site.

This is a new journey that I am on and I am very excited about it, I hope you join me.

Much love


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