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Are you ready to change (Insecurity Series Part 2)

Insecurity, you have to admit the word really does not even sound good. Insecurity also plagues many of us weather we want admit it or not. One of the main problems with insecurity is that it will continue to affect your life until you are ready to deal with and make the change from insecurity to security.

In Beth Moore’s book “So Long Insecurity” I find it very interesting that the title of the first chapter is “Mad Enough to Change”. In truth that is the truth until we get mad enough not to allow insecurity to run our life and change we will stay the same.  Now I have dealt with insecurity for a good portion of my life and over the years have dealt with pushed it down and then allowed it back in however, today I am ready to get rid of it for good, not just layers but for good.

For many women we try to find security in men. The problem is that our security in ourselves and in our womanhood cannot come from men. I love how Beth says it “Nothing is more baffling than our attempt to derive our womanhood from our men.” Men and women are different and handle their insecurities in different fashions, let’s face it women are typically more emotional than men. For many years I tried to find my security in men. My parents divorced when I was eight and to be honest for many years I lived in fear of my Dad mainly because during my parents’ marriage there were a lot of arguments. In fact, from an early age I learned to walk on egg shells. So, when I grew up and started dating I tried to find the security that I did not necessarily get in my childhood in the different relationships, which was a huge mistake. Ultimately this did nothing but cause my insecurity to be worse.

Now, please understand it is not just men that women try to find security in we also try to find it in those around us, like friendship. Friendships would be another area that I have tried to find security in. For me trying to find security in friends is setting that person and our self up for a fall, which can hurt or even ruin a friendship. I have some that have had to be restored and some that still lay in ruin. Insecurity hurts, it can hurt you and it can hurt others.

Now, I am going to write something that you will see written in this series many times. Our security needs to be grounded in Christ. If we are secure in Christ the rest will fall into place.

So, my question to you is this; are you ready to walk away and leave behind the stronghold of insecurity? Are you tired of it running your life? Understand these questions cannot be answered by anyone else other than you.

I look forward to your comments or questions.



I’m tired of insecurity (Security Series)

One of my favorite Bible teachers and author is Beth Moore. She has written a book called “So Long Insecurity”, which happens to an issue that I have had to deal with all my life. So, when I decided to begin reading the book, I was not expecting that God would have me blog about this subject (at least not yet). But, here I am and I feel like that is exactly what God wants me to do.

I have really been hesitant about starting mainly because this is such a sensitive subject for me. For me I started out very young having security issues and it did not help that I carried it over into my adult life. Now, I would love to say that insecurity is completely behind me but it is not, it is something that I have continued to work through. The more I thought about me and the difficult time I have with insecurity I figured I am probably not alone. In fact I know that I am not. It also made me think of some questions.

Why do so many women have a difficult time with insecurity?

Why do we continually try to find security in so many different places?

Why do we tend to believe the world verses trusting that our security, worth and value should be found only in Christ?

I welcome all comments and look forward to you joining me on this journey. I don’t know about you but I am tired of insecurity. My desire is to draw closer to Christ and to be able to rest in the security that only Christ can provide.

Pit Reactions

I have recently read the book by Beth Moore “Get out of that Pit”, it was one an awesome book. While reading I started thinking about the different pits that I have been in and the different ways I got there. It also helped me to see that every time I came out of those pits it was God who helped me, and healed me.

Not to long ago my husband and I were watching the new “Robin Hood” movie with Russell Crowe. There was a part where he and Marian were walking. They came across some men trying to get a ram out of a pit of mud having great difficulty. When Marian saw the ram struggling she jumped in and while trying to free the ram ended up getting her self stuck in the mud and unable to move. Marian did not think before she jumped. She took action, but it was a reaction verses examining situation. This act reminded me of the many times I have jumped in and taken action, a reaction verses asking God what action I should have taken. Let me ask you a question when you start feeling sick do you think of God first or the doctor first? Or When money is short do you think of asking someone for it or asking God? These are all examples of taking actions a reaction verses asking God what action should I take.

What happened next in the movie was both awesome and eye opening. While Marian is stuck and up to her chest with mud. Russell Crowe gets a rope secures it and ties it around his waist. He then goes in pulls out the ram then goes back in after Marian. Now you may ask how did he get out he used the rope that was secured and was able to pull both out of the mud.

One of my favorite Psalms is Psalm 40:1-3, where David talks about how God pulled him out of a pit.

1 I waited patiently for the LORD;
And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry.
2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of the miry clay,
And set my feet upon a rock,
And established my steps.
3 He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the LORD.

You see if we are in a pit no matter what kind of pit we are in, all we have to do is cry out to God. However when you cry out to God have and expectation that God is going to answer you and He may he may answer in unrepentant ways. We may have to wait patiently but God will hear our cry every time and He will bring us out of the pit. Here is the best part do not miss it, not only will God bring us out of the miry clay that is holding us down but God will also set our feet upon a solid rock. God will not set our feet on unstable ground, He sets our feet on a good foundation. Then we can praise God for our delivery and trust in Him who freed us.

Are you reacting and jumping into pits or asking God and surveying the situation?