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Just Pondering

Well, first off I have not finished the series on perception I will post the last in the series this weekend. This has been an interesting week, it is the first week of my husband being gone. He started a new job and had to leave to go train, he will be gone for a month. He leaves and bam I get sick with a cold and allergies all at the same time. So, now you know I just have not felt up to writing or really doing much of anything which is so unlike me. Today is really the first day that I have felt anywhere near myself. The funny thing is I love spring time, everything is so new, and fresh.

Last week I started a new book by Lisa Bevere called “Lioness Arising”, it also has a workbook. I was very excited to start this book, I have been wanting to read it since it came out. Anyway in the workbook she asked a question “What outdoor natural environment is your favorite?” I really had to do some thinking on this. See I live in the south near the beach, and have lived near the beach for many years. Oddly it is not my favorite, really the only times I like to go to the beach is early in the morning or at twilight. So, as I pondered this question I realized my favorite is forest and streams. I love to watch the wind blow through the trees, sometimes it is as if they are singing there own worship music to God the creator. Where some people are afraid of the woods I find them very peaceful. I enjoy streams because as I look at them I often wonder where they end or do they end. I then realized that many times when things are going so fast I just want to watch the water in a stream or the wind blow in the trees. It relaxes me and most of all it allows me to think and hear from God.  

Allow me to share a story, when I was little around 9 I was in girl scouts and offten went to  camp. Now the camp was in a wooded area, I loved it and  spent several happy summers and camp outs there.  When  I would go in the summer I usually stayed  for two weeks. Well, one night an awful storm came up the wind was howling the trees were cracking. I was so afraid, for a short time I thought it was the trees and wind that scared me but it was not. It was the lightening and the thunder.

So all that to ask, what is your favorite outdoor natural environment? I would like to hear from you. Like I said I am just pondering.