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My Best Gift Ever (A Mother’s Heart Part VII)

His first week home

Eighteen years ago today God blessed me and my husband with one of the best gift ever, my son.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I was in labor off and on all day long. We ended up going to the hospital around 4 pm on February 11, 1994.  For what seem to me as a long time it was just me and Ron. Ron had been calling my mom who had gone to see the movie “Schindler’s list”. Therefore she got there around midnight but she did not miss much because my labor at that time was moving very slow. As you may have guessed it did pick up.

My son was born at 6:26 am on the morning of February 12, 1994. I recall the physician saying something and then I asked what she said. She then told me that there was a loose knot in his umbilical cord. For a moment I was concerned then she said don’t worry it was loose and he is fine. My husband then leaned down and began telling me how much he loved me then said “you did it baby you gave me a son”. I have always found that line so very funny considering that he was the one who decided the sex of our son. It was right after that my mom was standing at the door of the delivery room crying. She later told me that the song “You are so beautiful” was playing on the radio. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life.

Two days later on Valentine’s Day Ron and I brought home this beautiful baby boy 6lbs 12in and 191/2 inches long. I told Ron this is the best Valentine’s Day present that I will ever receive.  Now you know why I call him my heart, it is because it was the Valentine’s Day heart that I received in February 1994.


Today as I write this I look at my son and see a young man where my baby use to be and wonder where did the time go. I can hardly believe that it has been 18 years since God brought this wonderful young man into my life. I am truly blessed and honored to be his mother.

Son, you have and always will be my heart. I love you more than I ever thought I could love. I am so very proud of you. You are a wonderful young man with so much love and potential. I look forward to continuing to watch you grow. I am so glad that God gave me you. Love Mom


Treasure your babes they grow up so fast. Love your babes God entrusted them to your care and that is a true gift from God.